Victory Lap – There’s Something Weird Going On With the Jedi Temple


Maybe it’s weird to call this one a “Victory Lap” when the original article was partly about suggesting a theory that ended up being incorrect, but the fact is, a successful piece isn’t always about staying power—sometimes it’s more about vocalizing the right questions (or suppositions) at just the right moment, even if you don’t have the answers yourself.

In hindsight, it all boils down to what appears to be simply a case of James Luceno describing the Dark Times-era Jedi Temple in a confusing, and/or misleading, and/or flatly erroneous way. The new canon was only a few months (and two novels) old at this point, and many were still feeling out the status quo—it was new territory for us continuity geeks, and I think I just happened to give voice to the questions a lot of people were asking: when something looks like an error, is it an error, or a deliberate change? Or even more interestingly, is it laying ground for something in the sequel trilogy?

Well, in this case, it looks more or less like an error; or at least a very common misreading. While we can say pretty definitively now that the Jedi Temple in Tarkin still looks (structurally, anyway) the same as it did in the prequels and stayed that way through Return of the Jedi, the mysterious well of dark side energy deep below the temple remains just that—a mystery. It may just be an interesting new bit of background detail, or it could yet factor into Lucasfilm’s now-unfolding storytelling plan; we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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