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Simple Tricks – Eleven-ThirtyEight’s “news” department. Serious business.

  • Feature Articles – typically longer, more considered pieces; some by us, some by special guests.
  • Not a Committee – in-depth group discussions revolving around one central topic or question.
  • Aggressive Negotiations – our low-key, chat-style roundtable series, which began life as the “EU Roundtable” feature at
  • Interviews – sometimes important people talk to us.

Nonsense – Eleven-ThirtyEight’s opinion department—where the regular staff spends most of their time. Note that several more are listed in the “Categories” widget further down the site.

  • A Certain Point of View – Sarah Dempster reflects on a galaxy far far away and how its themes and characters relate to the real world.
  • The Armchair Admiral – Join Nick Adams on his journey through fleet combat and democracy. Oh, plus Ackbar. Always Ackbar.
  • DilDev’s Diner – Rival to Dexter Jettster’s just down the street. Pull up a chair with Abigail Dillon and swap some insight on a galaxy far, far away.
  • Imperial Court Circular – Palpatine may not have been the life of any parties, but he made the trains run on time, right? Jay Shah elaborates.
  • Obiwomble’s Outlook – Eleven-ThirtyEight’s resident Brit Ben Crofts ponders various topics with his unique English…flair. Yeah, let’s say “flair”.
  • Scotch Tape and Popsicle Sticks – op-eds by EIC Mike Cooper; named after a description Mark Hamill once gave of the original Death Star trench models.
  • Sidelong Glance – Ben Wahrman tries to take a new or different perspective on characters, elements or themes spread throughout the Saga, EU and beyond.
  • Six on the Wild Die – Dave Schwarz’s regular self-deprecating column about the Wars in the Stars.
  • The Works – Mark Eldridge ponders the story and characters of the Star Wars canon as a new era of storytelling begins.
  • Guest Editorials – pieces that were submitted to us and/or written by our friends.

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