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  1. I really love these essays. Great job. Is there any way to make contributions?

  2. TP says:

    does anyone know why jj was only offered the 1st movie and not the trilogy? when it was announced that he was going to do Ep VII, i assumed it was for the new trilogy… when johnson got the nod for Ep VIII, i looked and couldn’t find an answer. do you guys know what’s up?

    • Mike Cooper Mike Cooper says:

      It’s pretty typical for directors to not want to be tied down to more than one film at a time—especially someone of JJ’s stature. I’m sure the possibility existed at some point of him doing more, but between his other projects and what’s rumored to be a slightly testy relationship with Disney, it was always unlikely IMO that he’d stick around. Remember that Lucas directing the entire PT was unusual–the OT was directed by three different people, and was stronger for it.

  3. TheBeard says:

    Found this yesterday and spent hours reading! Good material! Very good readings on the diversity/inclusion topics.

  4. darthbarracuda says:

    I recently found this site and am extremely impressed by the dedication and seriousness of the essays. I will be reading more of this site in the future.

  5. Eric G. Onkenhout says:

    What a great discovery this page is! Are there any openings for contributions or new blogs?

  6. matt says:

    Hi fellow fans, I love this site. 3 questions to ask if anyone could answer..1 silly lol. 1) who is the character to the left of r2-d2 on the poster? 2) I seen a name of a group Kylo Ren was a part of about a month ago that was not “knights of ren” or “first order”. Now I can’t find it anywhere…anyone know what it is? 3) lastly what does 1138 stand for? please don’t kill me for the last one.

    • Mike Cooper Mike Cooper says:

      1) probably Maz Kanata, Lupita Nyong’o’s character.
      2) no idea, but it was probably speculation at best and not official info
      3) THX-1138 was George Lucas’s first film; as an easter egg he snuck variations of it into all the SW films and in other places it’s become a sort of shorthand for “a Star Wars fan wrote this”. As for why this site is called that, check our “About the Site” page.

  7. matt says:

    I was wondering your thoughts on c3-po’s face on the poster? Is it just me or is something not right?

  8. While reading your article on Ben Solo, I came across this comment:

    [“Snoke, knowing that the dark side was strong in the Skywalker bloodline, would likely attempt to keep a certain level of darkness present within Ben to constantly gnaw at him, the invisible fingers of the dark side pulling at his mind since he was a child.”]

    This comment makes no sense to me whatsoever. Do you really believe that you can describe the moral compass of anyone, let alone a fictional character, in this matter? Everyone . . . and I mean EVERYONE has a 50/50 chance of chosing whatever path they want to take, whether it is good or evil. EVERYONE has the potential to be either decent or monsters. EVERYONE can give in to evil, depending on the moment, an emotional state or situation.

    The idea that Ben Solo or anyone related to Anakin Skywalker, has a strong potential for evil due to BLOODLINE is absolutely ludicrous to me.

    • Hi! I’m the author of this piece. Thank you for talking the time to read it.

      I see where you’re coming from and I now realized I could have phrased that part better. The Force (not the darkside) is very strong in their family. Snoke would see the potential to corrupt Ben and create a strong dark side user. I stand by my idea behind the statement you quoted, but now realize I should have not been as specific regarding the dark side.

      If you’d like to keep talking about this you can find me on twitter @livetheforce so we don’t take up too much place on this page.

      Thank you!


  9. Scott Sandow says:


    My name is Scott Sandow. I am a public information officer for Placer County in California. I would like to bring to your attention a podcast we released about a local artist, Frank Ordaz. Frank was matte painter on Return on the Jedi and a bunch of other iconic films from the 80’s. We thought you might want to give this a listen and possibly share with your audience.

    The episode is titled “Hugging George Lucas.” We hope you enjoy.

    Scott Sandow

  10. Leo Charles M. says:

    Hey, I’m wondering if you guys have any interest in publishing short-stories. I like to write Legends from the old EU into fireside tales. Thanks and MTFBWYA

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