Second Look: Legends: The Past Has Much to Teach


Deep in the bowels of ETE we have—and I’m quoting—a Super Secret Site Schedule/Idea Board, for sorting out upcoming pieces and laying claim to/handing out concepts that aren’t quite ready for the schedule. A long time ago I jotted down “The Legends U as archaeological site – where we left it”, and as time went on, I totally forgot where exactly I wanted to go with that. I offered it up to the others, and Rocky Blonshine agreed to run with it—and run with it she did:

“In short, where did we leave Legends? As one reasonably complete story, to be honest. There are many time gaps still that could easily be filled in by other stories. Some of the earliest works do not make sense in the larger timeline simply because we didn’t have important pieces of the story. Nonetheless, there is a story that flows well together and allows for many new stories to be formed.”

As our token Crucible defender, Rocky also speaks at length about how that book, controversial or otherwise, serves well as a capstone to the entire post-Return of the Jedi EU, finishing on a thematic note that strongly suggests the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. And a new era was certainly what we got.

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