Eleven-ThirtyEight – Where do I start?

Now that we’re officially live, this post is just a brief rundown of what we’ve got going on for your reading pleasure. First up, under “About the Site” you’ll see a Site Map page with a rundown of every current part of the site–even a couple that haven’t kicked into gear just yet.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the territory, check out some of our staff contributors’ op-eds—over in Cry Havac, Lucas Jackson is already three entries into his series Star Wars and Genre, and Ben Crofts is using Obiwomble’s Outlook to explore fans’ fear of “the end” of the story, and how the EU feeds into that. Maybe later he’ll explain what an “Obiwomble” is. As for myself, I wrote a little about the background of this site in D-Day, an’ Everything After, and I had a bunch of stuff I just had to get off my chest about X-Wing Alliance.

Beyond the op-ed section, if you look under Feature Articles in the “Simple Tricks” section, you’ll find “The restoration of the Republic and the ‘Glorious Cause’“, a piece by guest contributor Nick Adams on the New Republic—both the one we’ve seen already in the books, and the one we’re hopeful to see in Episode VII.

Last but not least, keep an eye on Not a Committee—that’s our group discussion feature, and by the end of this week we’ll be tackling our first topic: the bad guys of the Sequel Trilogy.

2 thoughts to “Eleven-ThirtyEight – Where do I start?”

  1. Time to lay this one to rest!

    What is an Obiwomble?

    Simple – if you have a Womble of Wimbledon (look it up, Google is your friend here 🙂 ) and they have a lightsaber what do you call it?

    As I have claim, sort of, to the name of Obiwan – being a kid at 7 at school with the name of Ben when ROTJ came out, yeah, you can guess the nickname…. Few years later I came to earn it properly by memorising vidgame levels cue – “help me, ObiWan”.

    So: Star Wars + The Wombles = Obiwomble

    Where did the idea of combining the two come from? Ah…. That one is lost to the mists of time!

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