Fixing Wookieepedia: A Helpful Guide

Near the end of my piece on the Wookieepedia “breast” controversy earlier this week, I made the case that the best way to change the offending article is to change the culture of the site with an influx of exactly the kind of people who had been offended. Staying away from a community whose actions offend you is a reasonable response, and I would never tell someone to do something they weren’t comfortable with. But I’m kind of a confrontational person by nature, and I believe strongly in the “keep your enemies closer” philosophy. The last time I felt like a certain group of people was hostile to my concerns, I started my own discussion thread specifically for those concerns—and now, several years later, it’s made a huge difference in the tenor of that particular community.

The wook’s breast article is able to remain as-is thanks to two prevailing philosophies: one, that pretty much everything in the Star Wars universe is worthy of an article no matter how unimportant it is, and two, the presence of breasts in non-Earth-standard forms (on non-mammalian and plant species, in particular) is valuable information that the site has a responsibility to chronicle. So in the interest of both advancing those time-honored philosophies and drawing new blood to the site, allow me to present a small list of roughly 100 things in Star Wars that don’t currently have articles. For simplicity’s sake, I limited myself only to things that are either mentioned or clearly seen in the six films themselves—though I’m sure many of them have EU appearances as well. If someone claims a given subject can be folded into a broader existing article (say, adding “elbow” to the “limb” article), be sure to cite “breast” as a precedent. And if someone tells you the subject requires distinct in-universe information (the “tree boobs” objection, if you will), there are all sorts of articles you can cite—but my personal favorite might be “inch“.

Clicking an item in the list will take you straight to the edit window for the article in question; all you have to do is follow the guideline I’ve created here for making a new article and click “Save page”. And remember, only users with fifty or more recent edits are allowed to place votes for deletion. Have fun!

1 Currently redirects to the droid
2 Currently redirects to Armor
3 Currently redirects to the ship
4 Currently redirects to the location
5 Currently redirects to the novel
6 Currently redirects to the clone trooper
7 Currently redirects to List of battles—but, like, what is war, man?
8 Currently redirects to the Bothan