Second Look: Lords of the Sith: An Extended Discussion


I have a sneaking suspicion that I disagree with Alexander Gaultier more than anyone else I’ve brought on board this site. Not in the sense that we actually argue, almost ever, but in the sense that we have very different values and expectations where this franchise is concerned. But despite his utter disinterest in some of my favorite things (like Hoojibs), I like the dude and I respect where he comes from, so when his review of Lords of the Sith came in and differed enormously from my own opinion, I knew he and I could have a nice, substantial conversation about those differences without devolving into, well, a typical internet debate. Which isn’t to say that Alexander held himself back:

“I can understand what you feel when you read the book, at least in theory, but I honestly can’t make the connection between the text that I read and the reaction you’re describing. To me, it’s as if we were reading two entirely different stories.”

Hashing out earnest disagreements is one of my favorite things about fandom, and I consider myself lucky to have Eleven-ThirtyEight as a vehicle for airing debates like this. Maybe someday I’ll get around to asking Alexander why he refuses to watch Star Wars Rebels…or maybe I don’t want to know.

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