Why Star Wars: The Old Republic Needs a “Legends” Expansion


On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm announced that in preparation for the upcoming Sequel Trilogy, the Expanded Universe would not be in any future material and would be declared non-canon.

As a fan of the Thrawn trilogy and other Star Wars books & comics such as John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi, Drew Karpyshyn’s Darth Bane: Path of Destruction John Ostrander and Jan Duursema’s Star Wars: Legacy and the critically acclaimed Bioware RPG video game Knights of the Old Republic, I was disappointed in the announcement. The idea that we were getting brand new Star Wars stories was exciting, but a lot of fans did not see it that way.

Most of you by now know of the “Give Us Legends” groups, and the many “Disney is ruining my childhood” posts. And the constant bashing of new Star Wars content on official Star Wars Facebook pages. Dark Horse finished its Star Wars run in August, and Del Rey has published two official Star Wars canon books, A New Dawn and Tarkin. There isn’t anything that’s non-canon in Star Wars that’s still ongoing – except Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic (Or SWTOR for short). SWTOR is still running and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for a while. I had an idea, which I thought was silly at first, but the more I think on it, the more I like the idea.

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