Launch Announcement

Hello there! If you’re reading this message, it’s because it occurred to me that you and/or your readers might care that I, EU staffer Mike Cooper, alongside some of my pals from the Jedi Council Forums, have launched a new Star Wars fansite, Eleven-ThirtyEight.

Eleven-ThirtyEight aims to be more of an ongoing journal than a news site, where the “big picture” of Star Wars fandom–what it means to us, where it’s going, and why–is always at the forefront. In lieu of news posting, our goal is to present longer, more considered pieces with a proactive mindset, and to help ease the transition into the Sequel Trilogy era with a bare minimum of fanboy tantrums and doomsaying.

We can be found at (notice how no one writes “www” anymore?), as well as on Facebook at and on Twitter at @eleventhirtyate, and we’d love for you to follow our faces and all that good stuff.

Our ETE family is still growing, and our exact posting schedule is in flux, but updates are generally posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays–though we hope to expand to four or five posts per week in time. Thanks for your attention!

Mike Cooper

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