Second Look: Shrines, Temples, and Tombs – A Look at Existing Beyond Death in Star Wars


In Shrines, Temples, and Tombs, a guest piece by longtime ETE follower John Gauthier, the mysteries of life beyond death as presented in the prequel trilogy are revisited in light of The Clone Wars‘ Lost Missions Yoda arc. Those episodes were not just bonus information, John said, but an essential part of the story:

“With Empire as the precedent, The Clone Wars did the legwork. Fans spent the years and months leading up to Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith speculating about the seemingly inevitable return of Qui-Gon Jinn, but it was The Clone Wars that explained the story – and significance – of his existence beyond death.”

He went on to take the Expanded Universe, and its somewhat more liberal treatment of Force ghosts, into account, concluding that where the Sith historically were able to retain their identities by attaching themselves to places (their own tombs, primarily), for Jedi these connections were instead with individuals. Will this conceit hold up in the new canon, based on what we’ve seen so far? John had a few thoughts on that as well.

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