Second Look: Oh Captain My Captain – The Essential Role of Hera


With the late-season episode “Vision of Hope” as his springboard, in Oh Captain My Captain – The Essential Role of Hera, Ben Wahrman extolled the virtues of the Ghost crew’s real leader, Hera Syndulla. While lapsed Jedi Kanan stands at the forefront in many of their missions—and holds the designation Spectre One—it’s just a canny smokescreen for what’s really going on:

“Hera is the one not only calling most of the shots, but also keeping the team from flying apart due to mistrust, differences and the simple friction of five (six counting droids) beings rooming together and constantly in each other’s faces.”

And not only is Hera essential as a character, Ben also highlights voice actress Vanessa Marshall for being just as important to Rebels‘ real-life public image as Hera is in the story, and laments that this one-two punch isn’t reflected more in the show’s merchandise:

“Hera remains an enigma, mentioned but never featured, all but invisible outside the context of the show itself.”

Ben suggests that this might change with Season Two; only time will tell.

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