The Force Does Not Throw Dice: 1d100 Bounty Hunters!

Han rolled first
Han rolled first!

Hello and welcome again to The Force Does Not Throw Dice, our irregular feature devoted to the world of pen-and-paper roleplaying games set in the Star Wars galaxy. This time we have a slightly different treat to offer.

For the past weeks I’ve been quite busy rediscovering a fantastic classic aventure called Tatooine Manhunt and writing a retrospective on it. During the research process, an idea came to me: a classic roleplaying article, the one you would find in fanzines back in the 1980s and that you can still find in several blogs around the Internet. I’m talking about a random table, on its most Gygaxian nature.

In the following table, you are going to find one hundred bounty hunter concepts, ready for you to flesh out and use in your games. Use this table if you desperately need to give some character to a random bounty hunter encounter (something that happens often in Tatooine Manhunt), if your players have been naughty and you desperately need a hunter to set their sights on them, or if you simply want ideas. If you don’t have time to stat them out, don’t worry about it: use the stock bounty hunter stats you will find in the rulebooks, no matter the system.

These descriptions are short and sweet, describing the general appearance and their weaponry, what usually makes a bounty hunter memorable; you are expected to flesh out the rest of the character, discard what you don’t like and change it to your liking. You might also want to use this table as a springboard of ideas for your fanfiction: feel free to do it! That’s the point.

So without further ado…

Roll 1d100:

  1. A 3PO droid with the head of an IG-RM thug droid and armed with a blaster carabine
  2. An albino male Zabrak encased in crumbly Mandalorian armor
  3. An ancient B-series working droid outfitted with multiple bladed appendages
  4. An angry-looking Selonian female sporting hunting fur patterns
  5. An annoying Bardottan grifter armed with two small pocket blasters
  6. A bald and heavily tattooed human woman carrying a Squib tensor rifle
  7. A battle-scarred Twi’lek commando carrying the hardware of his old Clone Wars unit
  8. A blind Lannik kickboxer dressed in a golden toga
  9. A blue luxury droid that has seen better days but at least now has a massive riot gun
  10. A blue-skinned Twi’lek female with slender goat-shaped cyborg legs, armed with an old hunting rifle
  11. A camo-painted BX commando droid carrying a multitude of weapons
  12. A chubby dark-skinned human female dressed as a Teräs Käsi fighter
  13. A chubby Vurk female carrying a flechette gun
  14. A cigar-chomping fat male Twi’lek holding a bulky incinerator
  15. A cloak-covered female Noghri encased in gleaming ceremonial armor
  16. A cloth-wrapped Kaleesh female carrying a slugthrower rifle
  17. A cold-looking human male encased in amazingly ornate ceremonial armor and carrying an old gunpowder pistol
  18. A dark-haired human female wearing a red wide hat and a red poncho she uses to conceal her deadly disruptor pistol
  19. A dark-skinned Toydarian female carrying a sword twice her height
  20. A dark-skinned human male with his features hidden by a balaclava and an electrokopesh attached to his belt
  21. A dashing Zabrak woman dressed in a white outfit that covers all her body except her eyes and horns, armed with a collection of hi-tech gadgets
  22. A dreary Zeltron young male carrying two vibrokatanas on his back
  23. A droopy-eyed man with what appears to be two grafted Gamorrean arms, holding a huge club and looking unhinged
  24. A female Khil wearing laminated armor and carrying an ornate heavy blaster pistol
  25. A female Weequay warrior with ornate brass coils around her neck, armed with two sonic guns and a force pike
  26. A female Zabrak fighter covered in orange tattoos and carrying twin magnetic nunchakus
  27. A feral Hassk carrying several blaster rifles and pistols
  28. A feral-looking female Besalisk holding four heavy blaster pistols
  29. A flirty Zabrak girl dressed in typically Zeltron fashion and carrying an oversized blaster pistol
  30. A FLTCH-series battle droid with what appears to be a brain-in-a-jar instead of its usual droid head
  31. A four-armed Myneyrsh female armed with two electrostaffs
  32. A four-eyed reptilian humanoid encased in yellow armor
  33. A frail-looking Kyuzo carrying nothing but a walking stick
  34. A gold-toothed short and stocky human male wearing two oversized vibroknucklers
  35. A Gonk droid with what appears to be a quadblaster mounted on top
  36. A green Nikto male armed with all kind of hi-tech gadgets and the latest in blaster technology
  37. A green-skinned Mikkian pirate with a small gizka on her shoulder and a vibrorapier on her belt
  38. A heavily scarred Selkath with several bladed weapons hanging from his padded waistcoat
  39. A heavily-scarred female Wookiee brandishing a massive hip-mounted blaster cannon
  40. A human-shaped walker operated by two little alien creatures, brimming with all kinds of weaponry
  41. A hunching humanoid wearing barely fitting Phase I clonetrooper armor
  42. A hyperactive Swokes Swokes male armed with a Verpine shatter gun
  43. A make Tarsunt with bulky eye implants and a large rocket pack on his back
  44. A male Pau’an encased in a sleeveless catsuit and brandishing twin Mandalorian pistols
  45. A male Vultan teenager covered in scout armor and armed with a plasteel gladius
  46. A masked Gungan male armed with a bulky plasma cannon
  47. A masked pale-skinned human male armed with a large blaster rifle and a really bad attitude
  48. A massively built and wild-eyed Abednedo male carrying a vibroaxe behind his back and clearly looking for a fight
  49. A Mrlsst trooper wearing stolen sandtrooper armor and carrying a highly illegal Tapani lightfoil
  50. A muscular red-skinned Twi’lek male wearing an old Jedi Guard mask and armed with an ion rifle
  51. A muscular Zabrak male covered in tattoos from his old mercenary unit
  52. A mysterious Delphidian male specialized in setting elaborate traps
  53. An old A-series battle droid with gang graffiti sprayed on its chassis
  54. An old and wrinkly human male whose face is almost completely hidden by a massive straw hat, he carries an old gunpowder rifle that he also uses as a cane
  55. An old Confederate tactical droid with its hands replaced by jury-rigged blaster cannons
  56. A one-armed Togruta male carrying a humming plasma blade and several stun grenades
  57. A one-eyed Zabrak male wearing the clothes of an old assassin cult and the blasters of a gunslinger
  58. An optimistic and young Lasat female carrying a malfunctioning bo-rifle with only its ranged attack mode
  59. A pear-shaped humanoid covered in Mandalorian Guard armor and brandishing a heavily modified bowcaster
  60. A Pyke enforcer encased in bulky power armor that makes her seem twice her real height
  61. A red crocodilian humanoid carrying a primitive blaster rifle and with a spiky mace crudely tied to its muscular tail
  62. A red-haired Wookiee male holding a blood-stained Trandoshan hunting rifle
  63. A red-skinned Nautolan male carrying a riot control baton and a durasteel shield
  64. A regal-looking teal-skinned female Twi’lek holding the leash of a pack of four crazed anoobas
  65. A renegade Clone Commando wearing his many-times-patched armor with no headpiece
  66. A rogue R2-series droid with augmented weaponry and booster rockets
  67. A rough-looking yellow-skinned female Twi’lek dressed like a big game hunter and carrying diverse poisons and toxins
  68. A rusty and limping Sith war droid dragging a massive scimitar behind it
  69. A sarcastic-looking olive-skinned human male wearing a white trenchcoat and several hidden guns
  70. A seedy-looking Twi’lek male in a leather jacket, with several piercings on his lekku, and apparently unarmed
  71. A short and pudgy Barabel male armed with a massive buzzsaw
  72. A short female Trandoshan carrying two magnetic chakrams that always return to her hands
  73. A silent Cathar male dressed in black and with no noticeable weapons
  74. A sly-looking Abednedo female with a bizarre shoulder-mounted blaster cannon
  75. A small furry mammal humanoid wearing nothing but a loincloth and armed with just a primitive bone spear
  76. A smart-looking Rodian with a cyborg arm carrying a sharpshooter blaster rifle and survival gear
  77. A solemn Zabrak woman dressed in a massive gray cloak and armed with twin sonic guns
  78. A somber Elomin male wearing a heavy cloak and armed with a wrist caster
  79. A statuesque Wroonian female armed with a double vibrosword and sleeping gas grenades
  80. A stern-looking female Twi’lek wearing a tactical vest and carrying twin electrotonfas
  81. A strange tentacled creature barely contained inside a space suit
  82. A tall and burly male Sullustan with cybernetic arms and implanted gauntlet guns
  83. A tall and reserved Mon Calamari female dressed like royalty and with no apparent weapons
  84. A tall six-armed alien carrying some kind of grotesque gun that slobbers green flame orbs
  85. A towering Herglic wearing what seem to be oversized shockboxing gloves
  86. A towering Quarren with just one mouth tentacle left, carrying a stolen stormtrooper rifle and a heavy grudge
  87. A twitchy and clearly insane Squib female covered in explosives and assorted murder gadgets
  88. An unassuming young Zabrak male carrying nothing but an old dueling sword
  89. An unfriendly Arkanian female with evident adrenal implants and assorted melee weapons
  90. A venerable Twi’lek male with a hunting hawk-bat on his gauntlet
  91. A vicious-looking Gotal dressed in Black Sun garb
  92. A violet-skinned Dug with multiple grenades and explosives hanging from pins and strips on his leather vest
  93. A well-dressed human male with a crystal eye, armed with a sword-cane
  94. A white-furred Shistavanen wearing nasty looking electroclaws
  95. A white-skinned Twi’lek woman carrying a massive vibrowhip
  96. A leather-winged humanoid brandishing a couple of vicious-looking serrated knives
  97. A wiry blue-haired female human armed with an exotic shuriken-gun
  98. A young and vigorous Cosian female and her fleet of spy remotes
  99. A young red-haired human female wearing what appears to be stolen Imperial Royal Guard armor
  100. A Zabrak woman dressed in the uniform of the Mystril Shadow Guard

And this is it for now. If you use this table, let us know! If you find this kind of article useful, let us know as well! Until next time!

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